Tuesday, August 2
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BoD meeting
To all the BoDs of 2011/2012, there will be a BoD's meeting this Friday (5/8/11) from 12.45pm to 2.20pm!

P.s. -For the morning sessions- If you can stay back a little longer, please do. :) Help is needed for packing up the borrowed uniforms during Sports Day.

Thank you! :D

Saturday, July 30
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Annual General Meeting - Pictures!
Najmudin Fadzil.
Our dear president of 2010/2011.

1) The Hoola-Hoop Express

2) The Balloon Game

3) The String Game

4) The Drawing Game

Friday, July 29
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The Board of Directors of 2011/2012!
Charmaine Yap Lai Ying

Vice President
Chan Chee Kong
Ng Siew Chin

Lim Jia Yi

Assistant Secretary
Ng Siew Yoong

Lee Kyleen

Assistant Treasurer
Siow Wei Ying

Quarter Master
Yeap Yung Jin

Assistant Quarter Master
Bernice Chee Wai Yee

Activity Planner
Fong Yee Li

Assistant Activity Planner
Gayithiri A/P Vijaya

Publicity Director
Zoe Chin Poh Lin

Assistant Publicity Director
Gayithiri A/P Vijaya

Afternoon Session Representative
Chew Jun Jie
Agnes Wong Hui Qin

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Annual General Meeting 2011
Hello peeps!
There will be the KRS Annual General Meeting tomorrow (Sat - 30th July 2011)! As usual, be there at 8.00AM to 10.30AM in a dark coloured T-shirt and track pants. For marchers, please bring your full uniform (including beret, but without gloves and muffler).

Please do come! In addition, there will be food and beverages after the meeting to celebrate our last meeting of 2011.
Thank you! :D

Monday, June 27
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my hopes for you guys.

march like them. i know you guys can do it.

Tuesday, May 24
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recruiting marching team members!
dear all,

if you are interested in joining the marching team this year for the practically most important event of the year to KRS--Sports' Day Marching Competition--then you're in luck!

we're now recruiting new marching members! we will be having marching practices at Sahara Field(it's somewhere near school, we'll bring you if you're coming. you can just wait at the school's back gate, it's real near) from 8.00A.M. sharp to 10.30A.M.(i promise to end on time) on Monday till Saturday from 7th to 11th of June! yes, that's FIVE days a week, because we need the intensive practice to train all of you new and old members!

so, lemme repeat :
venue : Sahara Field.
time : 8.00A.M. SHARP to 10.30A.M.
dates : 7th to 11th of June, 2011. (only five days/ a week throughout the whole holidays.)

now, you might want to ask WHY we're doing this all week long during the holidays and at such an early time too, right? here are your answers:
  1. the morning sun is proven to be healthier for your skin.(VITAMIN A!) plus, it's more crowded at the field during the evening and not everyone is free in the evenings.
  2. waking up early = sleeping early = we're taking care of your health. (no, this isn't a joke. it's actually common sense.)
  3. intensive marching training because we haven't had an official marching practice up till now, and by May, we'll be desperately needing more practices than ever to sharpen our skills.
  4. continuous training is good, especially for new members, because this would mean you can remember quicker as you practice more. 
for those of you who has parents who're against this because you're new, don't worry! convince your parents that it's completely safe because it will be in the middle of a neighborhood and it's not a worn-down, deserted place. you'll see for yourselves! (there are aunties and uncles exercising there every time we go for practice. plus it's close to school.)

as for the old and experienced marching team members from last year, your attendance is compulsory! (it's been some time since we trained you guys properly, anyways) 

things to bring / dress code for marching practices :
  1. KRS gloves (you should all have a pair since you're required to purchase the uniform if you're already in KRS. if you don't have those, go get a pair! Outpost is relocated at 1Utama and i believe it's somewhere near Parkson now. new wing.)
  2. water/food (this would be optional, especially the food part. but water is most likely necessary because you would dehydrate easily. it's strongly recommended that you do bring at least a small bottle of water.
  3. dress code/what you should wear : trackbottoms/long pants and t-shirt. nothing too revealing for girls. you CAN wear slippers, if you're ready to burn your feet on the hot cement. so yes, you're not advised to wear flip-flops, sandals or slippers. best would be sports shoes. boots would be unnecessary.
spread the news!

Vice President, 
Xin Wei.

Tuesday, April 26
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dear all,

there will be NO meeting this Saturday (30/4/2011). Please inform your friends!


Xin Wei.

We're the Kadet's from SMKTS.
Welcome !