Thursday, December 17
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B.O.D. Meeting
There is a B.O.D Meeting
at Macdonald's at 1 pm
on the upcoming monday
which is 21/12/09
BOD attendance is compulsory..
whoever is absent on the first meeting is compulsory
and with no excuse to attend this meeting
BOD's who have seen this post
please pass the message on to the others
If there is anything,
feel free to contact me,Marcus, on my handphone number
there is two number available to be contacted
There is no excuse for being absent to this meeting.
The following are the list of things that will be discussed on that day,
so do not ask me whats the meeting for.
-BOD's Post
-Annual Camp Commanders
-Camp Pertauliahan Commanders
-Marching Commanders
-Canteen Day
-Seniors Party
-KRS activity shirt
-KRS saturday activity


We're the Kadet's from SMKTS.
Welcome !