Friday, June 26
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Time: 5:15:00 AM
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thank you.
i'm sure everyone's really tired right now, but as a senior i'd really like to thank all the marchers for being there for each other (:

thank you, for doing your best.
thank you, for knowing that you've done your best.
thank you, for joining the krs marching team.

i hope most of you will continue as marching members next year also! (:
i might be coming back for lower six, so prepare yourselves! hahaha.

and i repeat again, winning or losing, doesn't matter as much as all the time we had during marching practices. treasure those memories, cause you're not gonna get anything like it in your life anymore.

from your secretary, xinwei
p/s: thanks to all the seniors who came early this morning to support us also (:

We're the Kadet's from SMKTS.
Welcome !