Sunday, December 20
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Seniors Farewell Party
The seniors farewell party details are of the following
it will be at bernard ling's house which is
at ken 3 near tropicana city mall
as this event is a private event
everything is at our own expenses..
since its the month of chrismas
i hope everyone can contribute something for the party
people who are going please contact
Marcus Lye
please do it as soon as possible..
the latest is by this wednesday
i hope all seniors wont mind contributing something for the party
you can contribute either preparing food or dessert for the party
or by helping to book the place we are going to use at bernard's
the deposit for booking the place is 100
rent is 100
and i am sorry to say there will be no bbq
because the pool has been booked by other people.


We're the Kadet's from SMKTS.
Welcome !