Wednesday, December 23
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Exact Details Regarding Seniors Farewell Party
The Seniors Farewell Party will be held
at Ken is just 5 minutes walk away from tropicana city mall.
IF there is anyone who doesn't know exactly where is it
feel free to ask either Bernard or Marcus.
The Details of the party are the following:
Date : 28/12/2009
Time : 6pm till 10pm..but if you may feel free to leave earlier
Venue : Ken 2
Whoever is attending the party PLEASE INFORM MARCUS
and whoever is helping to contribute to prepare food
there will be approximately 30 people attending the party
there will be 2008/2009 Form Four and Form Fives B.O.D's
and ex-seniors from the previous year.


We're the Kadet's from SMKTS.
Welcome !